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At Vedu Neetu, Piyush welcomes you to a world of traditional yogic and meditative practices that he simplifies as “living the lifestyle of an ancient yogi in the modern world”. With VN’s Founder, you’ll find every story, idea, and session, both playful and profound, as Piyush himself tends to be in his day-to-day life.

Piyush Gopalkrishna Gaur

Piyush GopalKrishna Gaur is an ambassador for peace, a humanitarian leader, and a lifelong yoga practitioner. He’s on a mission to spread happiness, and reduce mental health issues through Vedu Neetu’s philosophy of living the lifestyle of an ancient yogi in the modern world.

The Beginning

Born in the foothills of the Himalayas, at a young age Piyush spent his life learning, practicing, and implementing the Indian philosophies that were passed on from his family for many generations. He hails from an unbroken lineage of Brahmins who have practiced and taught yoga for thousands of years. 


Pt. Ram Swarup ​- Hatha Yogi & Sanskrit Scholar

(my first guru)


Pt. Nand Kishore Sharma

(Hatha yogi and a renowned freedom fighter) 

As a young boy, Piyush’s grandfather, a bold-minded freedom fighter, would recount stories of his own father, a chief-priest at one of the biggest pilgrimages of India, and allure young Piyush with their ancient practices and traditions. Piyush, learning all the practises and still not satisfied in his heart, sought his own journey through exploring various paths of spirituality. He firmly believes there is truth in every path and all the paths lead to the same Universal belief.

A Spiritual Journey

As a young boy, equipped with unending teachings from his family about spirituality, yoga and meditative practices, Piyush challenged some of the traditions and sought his own spiritual journey through the paths of Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism & Sufism. He spent time in Gurudwaras, temples & churches in the 16 cities he lived in throughout India, while also taking to views of agnosticism and scientism. He ultimately found his path and  resonated with those figures who left the


Sunrise meditation at Ganges 

world in the betterment and in service to others, finding inspiration in the actions of Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramkrishna Paramhans, Dr. King, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, S Hawking, and in the stories of Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Kabir and Mirabai. This journey paved a way for him to further understand the world he lived in and navigate his place in it. Or in other words, to live the Vedu Neetu philosophy he teaches today.

Putting the Philosophy in Practice 

Leaving home for big city Bombay as a young boy and eventually for the U.K. as a young adult, Piyush carried what he’d learned and practiced throughout his life with him. In his own time, he would often find ways to impart his knowledge to help others on similar spiritual journeys and learn from them about their own world-views and belief systems. Throughout the 28 different cities he’s lived in across the world, his engineering and business studies, his goodwill work with UPF,

2007 - 248.jpg

Awarded Ambassador for Peace by European Union Minister

and each of his professional ventures and successes in the hi-tech industry, Piyush attributes his life’s achievements to the continued practice of yogic and meditative traditions that have continually kept him grounded.

Why Vedu Neetu Foundation?

Piyush believes that yogic and meditative lifestyle are fundamentally beneficial to our inherent nature and instill profound changes for each individual on a mental and physical level. As demonstrated by ancient yogis and also recently studied by medical professionals and research scientists, the meditative state of moment-to-moment awareness over time may help to minimize and diminish the symptoms of physical and mental diseases, and also proactively prevent them by shifting habitual ways of thinking and acting in daily life. At Vedu Neetu, Piyush believes that through the power of the concentrated mind, pranayama, meditation and life lessons through stories, one remains at peace.


moonrise meditation by Indian Ocean

What’s next for us?/Future in the making

All his life, Piyush has never lost touch with who he is at his core - a strong believer in the philosophies he grew up with. His teachings will keep you level-headed and ready to conquer whatever comes next. Piyush has spent the last 15 years spreading the learnings that he accumulated to thousands of people in Canada, China, Europe, and India. With experiences that have kept him living and learning around the world throughout his life, Piyush has gathered knowledge of both Eastern and Western lifestyles and retained an immense sense of spirituality and wisdom that has led him to the Vedu Neetu Foundation. 

Whether it’s knowledge, practice, advice or simply good company you’re looking for..Piyush looks forward to welcoming each of you and your own stories here at Vedu Neetu.

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