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for Women

Apocalypse and Creation both play in Women's lap. 

For Women, sessions are specially designed to celebrate and compliment the strength, perseverance, and vision that women inherently have. Women's bodies are elegant, graceful, and distinct and hence, yoga asanas must reflect that. Every asana affects your body - nervous system, organs, blood circulation, stability, muscles - in a certain way. Certain asanas should and should not be performed depending on the monthly cycle.

The same principle applies to meditation and pranayama or breathing exercises. The ancient yogis, of order male and female, have always brought to the surface particular meditation and pranayama for the woman, invoking the inherent emotional intuition that resides within her. Knowing the woman is the driving force always in tune with nature's ever-changing seasons, she paves and guides the way in every facet of life.

In our session, we will go through certain Kriyas, which are not in other sessions, as well that will help keep the mind energized and body fit. There are six Kriyas instructed in Hath Yoga; we will pick and choose the ones that are relevant.

What to expect from Vedu Neetu sessions for Women:

Duration and Structure:

Each session will be 120 minutes long, covering 30 mins of yoga, 15 minutes of Kriya, 30 minutes of deep guided meditation, and 45 minutes of storytime that you will find strikingly relevant today. The last 45 minutes can also be used for discussions or experiences etc.

What will we learn:

At the start of every session, we will do a unique Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam "the world is one family" welcoming exercise, followed by yoga. In the yoga part, we will cover up to 8 Sookshma Vyayama and 15 Asanas. It will be of intermediate to advance level. These Vyayams and Asanas are specifically designed to improve immunity and keep the internal and external body beautiful, healthy, and disease-free. In the meditation, we will cover chanting, 2 Kriyas, and 3 types of rhythmic breathing techniques, and then go into a deep guided meditation. Once you are out of meditation it will be 30 minutes of storytime or any questions you might have 😊.  Please read below (and the philosophy page) to read more about the benefits of each session. 

What to bring:

Bring a yoga mat, bottle of water, a fruit for after the session, and a hand towel

What to wear:

Yoga pants and shirts are perfectly fine. Bring a white shawl/stole or a throw.

How to prepare for the session:

All the Yoga and Meditation are done on an empty stomach. Please make sure you had a good night's sleep before the session. Drink one or two glasses of water (and no coffee) in the morning before the session. And bring that beautiful smile 😃. 



For now, we have chosen  Trillium Park Pavilion for morning and South Stanley park for evening sessions. All the Covid19 procedures and protocols will be in place for everyone's safety. Please make sure you have your mask on you before and after the session when you leave.  


Yoga helps to keep your body fit, beautiful and energized. Right and regular practice of Yoga Asanas not only keeps the external system - skin, muscles, bones - strong and healthy but also the internal system -  circulation, heart, lungs - disease-free. 
Everyone's body is different and so are its needs. Just as the mother makes different dishes based on each of her children's tastes, we aspire to cater to each individual's needs at our sessions. At VeeduNeetu you will get the complete yoga experience. Learn the benefits of each of the Yoga asanas - beginner to advanced, all are welcome - and pick and choose the sets of asanas that work for you and your goals. 

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Meditation, when done with understanding and controlling the Prana, is that silver bullet that makes stress, tension, and depression disappear and brings confidence, centeredness, and right decision making attitudes in life. Yoga-asanas will bring you a beautiful and healthy body, but its the power of the concentrated mind, through pranayama and meditation, that will bring you success and peace. 
I speak from my own experience, And I want you to only believe it when you experience it. 


Stories, from our very childhood, mold our perception of the world. They leave subtle marks on our consciousness that bring resilience, hope, and perseverance. It is these stories that we pick our ideals and idols from; it is these stories that awaken the hundreds of lions inside us to win the battles of life. 
I grew up with stories all around. And these stories have stood the test of time and have helped me in every stage of my professional and personal life. I can't wait to share what I know with you. 

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